AT&T Access gives low-income families Internet at $5/month

AT&T is offering discounted home Internet service through its new Access program, giving individuals experiencing financial hardship the opportunity to get home Internet for as low as $5-per-month. The service is being offered in places where AT&T home Internet is available and, says the company, it is "designed to help bridge the digital divide." Installation and equipment fees are waived in the Access program.

AT&T is available to homes where at least one resident is getting SNAP benefits, assuming they're located in one of the 21 states where the service provider offers home Internet. Three tiers of service will be available, with 3Mbps being offered at $5/month and 5Mbps and 10Mbps being offered at $10/month. It appears the residence will be given the fastest tier that is available at their address.

Says the company, AT&T is working with organizations and school districts to hep get the word out to families who may qualify for Access. The program will run through April 2020. Those who sign up after April 2019, though, will keep the program benefits for a year or more after signing up, even if it extends past the April 2020 deadline.

As well, users will have a data cap — from today until May 22, the data cap will be 150GB or 250GB-per-month based on service type and speed. Starting after that latter date, subscribers will get either 150GB, 300Gb, or 600GB-per-month based on their service speed. Those who go over will be charged the typical $10/50GB.