Atomic Floyd AirJax headphones made from Titanium2; acoustic steel

While you might have never heard of Atomic Floyd before, they are definitely doing a good job at becoming memorable in the overcrowded headphone industry. Take these AirJax headphones, for example. They're made from unique materials and sport a seriously stylish look.

The AirJax headphones go in your ear, but they have earloops for extra security. They're really sleek looking too. But that's not the half of it. The earloops are made from Titanium2. What does that even mean? Plus, acoustic steel is used.

Apparently, acoustic steel is a steel that has been heat-treated to make for optimum audio. Plus, the in-ear portion can be turned and rotated to fit in your ear as comfortably as possible. The AirJax headphones will launch in the UK first in December and are expected to cost the equivalent of $180.