aTable Hates Wires as Much as We Do

Let's face it, wires are not the best thing in the world. Even if you think you've got them all nice and manageable, they somehow always find a way to get untangled, and make a mess of themselves. Eventually, the area behind your desk or TV becomes a war zone, and the thought of you ever having to go in there frightens you more than you even know. Sure, there are wireless solutions out there, and we can't wait for them to get wildly popular so we can stop worrying about this stuff, but for now, maybe a table is all you need. That's right. A table.

And, that's exactly what you get with aTable. Specifically designed to make sure that all of your wire problems get handled in a nice, four-legged fashion. Constructed from glass-reinforced plastic, the table has four holes within the body, which are conduits to the legs. These legs are hollow, and have openings near the bottom. As you can probably guess (but, we have images to help the process), you place your wired items on the table, feed the cord down the leg, and then you just plug it in to the nearest outlet.

The aTable manages to make wire-handling simple, and it doesn't look half bad, either. It's big enough to make sure that all of your stuff fits on it, and we can't help but applaud the hollow legs. That's a great idea. There doesn't seem to be any word on when the aTable may become available for the masses, but we've got our fingers crossed that it's soon.

[via De Zeen]