AT-AT Walker from the '80s actually walks

Anyone who grew up in the '80s will remember the massive Star Wars AT-AT toy that came out in 1981 after Empire Strikes Back introduced us to the massive walkers. The toy had noisy joints that clicked when you move them and it was awesome, but hard to move and play with. Every kid who ever played with one wished it would really move and with some modern hardware, that old AT-AT can really walk.

A geek has taken an Arduino Uno, Adafruit Servo Shield, and Xbox 360 Controller and an old AT-AT walker from the '80s and cobbled together an awesome toy that is controlled via the Xbox 360 game controller.

The result is something eight-year-old me would have been incredibly impressed with. In fact 8-year-old me would have been impressed by the glowing Xbox 360 controller the builder used. The website highlighting the project lists out all the parts that you need to build your own version.

That parts list includes things like servos, aluminum channel, servo blocks, and other items. From what we see in the video, it looks like the AT-AT has to be connected to power constantly to move. The project isn't over now that the walker can motivate itself, the builder wants to add wireless control, a head mounted camera, movement control for the cannons, and vertical movement of the head.

SOURCE: Atatproject