Asus unveils sexy MS series LCD monitors

I have no problem with computers and accessories like mice, keyboards, and LCDs that go out of their way to look good. It's cool to have a high-tech device that looks high-tech. The caveat is that the devices need to work well and not just look good.

Asus has unveiled a new line of LCDs called the MS series that includes the MS246, MS236, MS227, MS226, and MS202. Asus reports the line was inspired by the binary state with contrasting elements of 1 and 0. I guess we can assume that the round stand is the 0 and the stick-like LCD profile is the 1.

The screens have full HD 1080p resolution and a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 with a 2ms response time and featuring Asus' splendid Video Intelligence Technology. The screen is only 16.5mm thick in profile and has a glossy black bezel. The buttons for controlling the display are LED touch sensitive units and the rear of the screen is in pearl-white. The 246 is a 23.6-inch screen, the 236 is a 23-inch, the 226H is a 21.5-inch screen, the 227 is a 22-inch screen, and the 202N/D is a 20-inch unit.