Asus unveils new GT 440 video card with Super Alloy Power tech

A new video card from NVIDIA surfaced this week called the GT 440 and so far, many of the big card partners for NVIDIA have been rolling their own version of the video card out for us to check out this week. Asus is among the companies that are offering the GT 440 to consumers and its version has some interesting sounding Super Alloy Power technology inside.

The Super Alloy Power technology the card uses has to do with a special alloy formula for the power delivery components of the card like the capacitors, chokes, and MOSFET. The special alloy claims to lower temperatures of the card up to 35C and extend the life of the card by 2.5 times. Asus also bundles its Voltage Tweak software as well for overclocking the card.

The card has a custom fan that uses Dust-proof fan tech to prevent dust from building up and reducing the cooling efficiency of the card. Other features for the GT 440 include HDMI 1.4a, unified shaders, and lots more. The GPU is clocked at 822MHz, the GT 440 has 96 CUDA cores, and the memory clock is 3200MHz. Asus crams 1GB of GDDR5 RAM onto the card.