ASUS: U36JC and U31JG Getting Sandy Bridge Soon

According to an exclusive by Swedish tech blog TechNYTT, ASUS will be updating its U31JG and U36JC series to Sandy Bridge chips. The new models may also have "better graphics and a better hard drives," according to ASUS. The prices on the new models will stay the same. According to ASUS, the launch of the two new models will happen in April or May.

Right now, the ASUS U36JC and U31JG models have Core i3-370M, 380M or Core i5 460M chipsets and Core i3-380M, 390m or Core i5 460M/480M-chips. They also include up to 8GB SDRAM and 4GB of SDRAM. The U36JC Series has a NVIDIA GeForce 310M chip. The U31JG uses Intel chips and integrated graphics devices. The Sandy Bridge's powerful graphics unit will be a big improvement for the U31JG.

[via TechNYTT]