Asus Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich problems will be fixed next month

Despite its delicious name, Ice Cream Sandwich has left some users feeling sour. The latest example is Asus's ambitious Transformer Prime tablet, which recently upgraded to the latest and greatest version of Android. The only problem is handfuls of users started complaining that after the update, the device started locking up and requiring a manual reset.

The Transformer Prime is Asus's big attempt to gain momentum in the tablet race, and its major selling point is the ability to turn into what is essentially a fully functional laptop. It's also making waves as the first tablet to get the ICS nod, but of course there are always risks to being the guinea pig.

Asus has acknowledged that a problem exists, and the company's technical marketing manager Gary Key was quoted as saying that the team "hope[s] to have a fix available in early February." This isn't the first time we've seen ICS upgrades present a problem. The Nexus S stopped its update process, and although no one confirmed there were problems with the update file, those who did manage to upgrade experienced similar problems. The Galaxy Nexus, which comes pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich, has not suffered a similar outcry.

[via The Verge]