ASUS RT-AC87 router can handle your Gigabit Internet with ease

ASUS is at it again, producing great routers for your home or office. This time they've unleashed the RT-AC87, which was first shown off at CES this year. Using a 4x4 MU-MIMO chipset, the RT-AC87 will handle anything you throw at it, even Google Fiber-esque speeds.

Margaret Chen, President of Open Platform Business (OPBG) Group for ASUS Computer International, said "As the number of wireless devices in the home increases, so does the importance of Wi-Fi quality. Our customers value high-performance Wi-Fi and know the importance of a reliable and fast wireless connection in order to stream bandwidth-intensive data. The RT-AC87 provides them with class leading performance, as well as incredible range and reliability". High performance is right; the RT-AC87 is the world's first Wave 2 802.11ac router for consumers.

The newest from ASUS can deliver speeds up to 1.73Gbps. That's gigabit Internet, topping out at nearly double what the famed Google Fiber can provide. The router's range is handled via four external antennae, and 'Universal Beamforce' technology that improves signal strength throughout your home or office. The Multiple User, Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) chipset can handle multiple users with ease, too.

ASUS says their new router is great for heavy HD Video demands, and greatly reduces lag on gaming streams. If you've got a house or office full of heavy Internet users, this one may be worth a look. The RT-AC87 will be available in North America "shortly", and will retail for $269.99.