ASUS renames tablet line to "Transformer Pad" -- Announces LTE models

Here at Mobile World Congress the ASUS event was a big one. With tons of new announcements, exciting Tegra 3 tablets not to mention the Padfone and more. Two big changes came from the event. That being the new naming scheme as all tablets will be called "Transformer Pad" and that they'll be releasing a variety of 3G/4G LTE equipped tablets coming as soon as late April.

From here on out all the ASUS tablets will be called Transformer Pad instead. Today they've announced the Transformer Pad 300 series, the ASUS Padfone, and the 700 series will be called the Transformer Pad Infinity. No weird titles that will be confusing or numbers that will get everyone confused. Simply Transformer Pad.

This same approach is slowly being taken by most of the different manufacturers around the Android ecosystem to try and streamline products into an easy and simple to remember line that consumers will want. We have plenty more hands-on pictures coming soon so stay tuned for full details and pictures.