ASUS Padfone 2 makes an appearance in new video

Those looking forward to the ASUS Padfone 2 have likely been very frustrated by the fact that we haven't heard too many details about the device. There have been leaks here and there, but for the most part, there hasn't really been anything too significant. The folks at Bloomberg were luckily enough to briefly go hands-on with the device in an interview with ASUS chief Jerry Shen, and were kind enough to put video of the encounter up on YouTube for the entire world to see.

Of course, the Padfone 2 isn't the only device previewed in Bloomberg's video. Also on the display are the ASUS UX51 and U38 touchscreen laptops, along with the ASUS TAICHI, complete with its amazingly cool double-sided screen. As cool as the TAICHI is, however, the Padfone 2 still manages to steal the show.

Aesthetically, there isn't that much of a difference between the Padfone 2 and its predecessor other than the Padfone 2's 4.7-inch screen. That screen is capable of displaying 720p resolution, so we're talking HD with the Padfone 2. It also comes equipped with a whopping 13MP rear-facing camera, which Bloomberg assures us can take some "phenomenal" pictures. It's hard to tell the quality of the images from watching the video, but it's pretty easy to imagine how good pictures look when snapped with a 13MP camera.

Bloomberg says that the Padfone 2 can get up to a full day of use from a single charge, and when it's dead, you can slide it into the back of the companion tablet and charge it from the tablet's battery. Using the two combined, you should be able to get two to three days of use from a single charge. Sadly, the details stop there, but ASUS will be officially unveiling the Padfone 2 on October 16 – just a few days away. We'll be getting a lot more details then, and after watching this video, we're wondering how we're going to make it another four days.

[via Android Community]