Asus launches new Eagle Eye GX1000 gaming mouse

When we think of Asus, typically we think of tablets and notebook computers. The company also makes a line of video cards and other computer hardware as well as gaming peripherals under its Republic of Gamers product line. Asus has announced a new aluminum cover gaming mouse called the Eagle Eye GX1000.

The mouse has adjustable sensitivity covering a range from 50 dpi up to 8200 dpi resolution. The mouse also has integrated LED lighting and ships with software allowing the user to customize the features of the mouse to meet their needs. The mouse is attractive and features brushed aluminum on the top rather than standard plastic, which is typically seen with most gaming mice.

That aluminum on top should mean the mouse stays attractive for longer. The mouse weighs 150 g on its own and users who want more weight can use the built-in weight adjustment system. Using the system and the five available 5 g weights users can customize the feel of the mouse. The GX1000 has a scroll wheel with LED illumination built-in and uses large ultra low friction mouse feet.

The cable for the mouse is braided for longevity and the mouse can be programmed with macros. The mouse supports six programmable macros and has three different function states. The mouse will sell for around $100 when it launches.

[via EverythingUSB]