Asus gives deets on tablet plans

Asus was reportedly grabbing up Tegra 2 chips a few days back to cram into some Eee tablets rumored to be hitting in March. Asus has now offered up some new details on its tablet ambitions with several new tablets coming starting in December according to CEO Jerry Shin.

The company will be offering tablets with screens of 7-inches, 10-inches, and 12-inches and the 12-inch version will apparently be a Wintel rig. That machine is expected in retail channel in January, missing the lucrative and important holiday season. Asus will also have a 7-inch and a 9-inch tablet hitting in March.

One of those 7-inch tablets will have WiFi and support for 3.5G networks with phone capability as well. The 9-inch rigs will run the Tegra 2 chips Asus has purchased and will run Android on one of the offerings and the other will be a Wintel tablet. Shen says that Asus will fight hard for tablet business in 2011.