Asus gets Xtion Pro Live ready for launch

The Kinect for the Xbox 360 has turned out to be a very cool device with a lot of potential outside of just letting you be the controller for video games. The thing has been hacked for motion control of all sorts of things since it launched. Asus has an Xtion Pro motion control device that looks a lot like the Kinect, but isn't as robust.

Asus has a new Xtion Pro Live that it will be launching soon that has the IR and depth of view sensors that the Pro version has and adds in a webcam. It has a low resolution of 640 x 480, but it does match the Kinect cameras performance. The new Live version of the Xtion Pro is the same size even with the webcam added in.

The Pro Live version also gets a pair of microphones as well. An app store for the Xtion will also be opening that will let developers that make apps for the Xtion line sell their wares. Neither of the Asus Xtion devices have the automatic tilting that the Kinect features. The big downside here is that Asus appears to be charging the equivalent of $300 in Italy for the Pro Live when you can get the Kinect for $165. Availability isn't known at this time.

[via VR-zone]