Asus Eee PC - Stripped and fondled

Are you one of those weirdos that gets off on seeing gadgets in various states of undress? Don't worry I won't judge, in fact,  here's a little something to feed your habit. Someone has already taken one of the new Asus Eee PCs and stripped it down to bare silicon.

I can't really blame the guy for tearing it apart the minute he got it, I've been known to dissect a gadget or two in my day just to see what made it tick. It's when you start tearing apart people to see what makes them tick that you get labeled a real sicko. (Though you do get to be a pretty cool villain in Heroes)

Anyway, there are a lot more pics here. If you have sensitive eyes and get freaked out by naked electronics, you may want to think twice before clicking that link.

ASUS Eee PC: Exclusive Inside Look! [via tweaktown]