Asus Eee officially a success says Asus

So Asus only expected to sell at most 300,000 of these things, they've already sold over 350k of the little buggers. If they could have made them as fast as people were buying them, they probably could have sold a few tens of thousands more.

Currently they are available in a few different colors at a few different spec levels with the biggest differentiating factor being the storage capacity which currently ranges from 2-8 gigabytes, and all of them are sold out everywhere. Just about the only place you can find an Eee these days is on Ebay where you'll pay a considerable premium if you want one.

So, I have an honest question for our readers, first, those of you that don't have one, or those of you that had to fight to get one, why do you lust after it so much? I mean I understand lusting after electronics, so it's not about that, by why this particular computer? Also, those of you that have one, whether you had to fight for it or not, are you still happy with it, and were they worth it?

Eee PC an actual statistical success – 350,000 sold already, says Asus [via techdigest]