Asus confirms plans to release HoloLens-like headset in 2016

While it was roughly a month ago when Taiwanese PC maker Asus said it was considering making its own augmented reality (AR) headset, the company has now come right out and confirmed those plans, with an intent to release the product in 2016. Asus was previously engaged in talks with Microsoft to release a cheaper version of the latter's HoloLens, an impressive AR headset scheduled to see release early next year as a developer edition priced at $3,000.CNET reports that it was Asus CEO Jerry Shen who confirmed the upcoming AR headset release on an earning call this week. "It should be next year when we come out with a product. We think AR will be very important for people's lives," the chief executive said.

However, it still remains unknown if this Asus product will be a different version of Microsoft's HoloLens, or what the general price range will be. Other than the possible connection with Microsoft's product, which will surely be aimed at those with deep wallets, there is really little else known about Asus' AR product.

While virtual reality is quickly shaping up to the next big tech trend, augmented reality differs in that instead of presenting a view of nothing but imagery, it displays digital elements overtop the real world. So users could simply be looking at the real road in front of them, but navigation instructions would be displayed alongside or on top of it.