Asus Ares video card is world's fastest single graphics card

I am a sucker for high-end computer hardware and video cards. Asus pulled the wraps off a video card yesterday called the ARES that the company claims to be the fastest single video card on the planet. The cool looking card packs in dual ATI 5870 GPUs.

Along with those dual GPUs is 4GB of GDDR5 RAM making the card as much as 30% faster than reference ATI 5970 video cards. The card uses a custom PCB and high quality components. A copper heat sink keeps the card cool and the cooling fan has a metal shroud.

The card also ships with the Asus Voltage Tweak option and fan controls to allow the end user to overclock the card for even better performance. Along with the AERES card, Asus also pulled the wraps off new EAH5870, 5850, and 5830 video cards as well. Pricing and availability are unknown.