ASUS aims to overtake Samsung in 2012 tablets

Asus is predicting big things for 2012 and talking about what it has done in 2011. The company had a global sales meeting this month and set the shipping goals for 2012 for four major product lines the from producers. The company pegs shipping estimates at 22 million units for netbooks and notebooks together. It is more optimistic on shipments of its tablets for 2012.

Asus is predicting 23.8 million notebooks and netbooks will ship internally. The company expects to ship 3 million tablets at least with internet expectations for tablets at six million units. That would put Asus ahead of Samsung in tablet shipments. Asus also ran down shipment expectations for Q4 2011. It predicts that volumes will grow and overall it will see 30% growth compared to last year.

Asus also noted that while it wasn't part of the ARM development project for windows on ARM processors that it is the largest client of NVIDIA and runs one of the strongest R&D operations of any notebook vendors. Those factors mean that it will have a close partnership with ARM processor makers working with windows on ARM.

[via DigiTimes]