Astronaut bed rest study pays participants $19,000 for 89 days

A few days back we talked about a joint NASA and ESA study that was being conducted in Germany looking at long term effects of weightlessness on astronauts and how artificial gravity might help them. More details have surfaced about that study, and it pays very well for doing nothing but laying in bed. The study pays participants $19,000 (16,500 euro) and is known as AGBRESA study 2019.AGBRESA stands for Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study and aims to simulate the conditions of space with bed rest. This requires the participants to lie with their head down by six degrees. The study seeks 12 male and 12 female volunteers. All the men have been found; the study notes that right now it is seeking women.

The requirements for participants are healthy women between 24 and 55 years of age who are non-smokers. Participants can be between 153 and 190cm with a BMI of 19-30kg/m2. The total time required for the study is 89 days.

A full 60 of those days will be on bedrest. The study starts in the beginning of September and runs through December 2019. Follow-up exams are set for December 2019, March and December of 2020, and December of 2021 for their participation the people will be paid $19,000.

As for what to do with all the time in bed, DLR, where the study is conducted, says that you can watch TV, learn online, or read. Morning stretching, massages, and after bed rest training are included. The best part is that you don't have to do any chores for 89 days.