ASRock Homer motherboard is like giving grandpa a UMPC

James Allan Brady - Dec 6, 2007

Making a new motherboard with some old-ass technology should be against the law. I mean this thing supports AGP video cards and has an nForce chipset that four series’ old.

They combined the M1695 PCI Express bridge and the nForce 3 chipsets on one motherboard and called it the AliveDual eSATA2. That basically means it will support almost all AMD processors still available on the open market, and you have your choice of PCI or AGP graphics.

This is great for those who work with technology that’s old, but hasn’t been updated yet, or the proper cards have been upgraded, but cost several thousand dollars, it allows them to upgrade the rest of the hardware while maintaining near-legacy hardware in the riser-card slots. I know at my high school we had a few PCs like this in the science department where the ISA cards had been replaced by newer PCI models, but they cost a few grand each, and didn’t offer any new technology, so instead they just kept parting out other old PCs to keep this monster running.

ASRock Releases “Homer” Motherboard [via wired]

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