AshPuppie burns your dog's turds to ash

I have heard of some crap concept products before, but this one is seriously crappy. The product is called the AshPuppie and it comes from a firm called Paulee CleanTec. I am sure this is a gag of some sort, but on the chance its real and the fact that it's literally a product for dealing with turds I'm totally writing about it.

We used to have a dog long ago and picking up the poo from in the yard was a job I loathed. I don't care if there is a bag between your hand and the poo, it's still disgusting to have to pick it up. The AshPuppie (if that is its name, the maker calls the thing AshPoopie at times) scoops the poo for you and then you press a button and turns into odorless ash.

This has to be fake, it uses some sort of capsule to burn the poo according to the description. Granted this is a concept product so it may be far enough out there that it has a little nuclear reactor inside to burn the poo. The company says that it will come to market by Q1 2012.

[via Dvice]