Arthur Frommer buys back namesake travel guides to keep print editions going

Back in August of 2012, we first heard rumblings that technology giant Google was going to purchase the popular line of Frommer's travel guides. It was no surprise that Google's main intent was to use the content from these guides to bolster search results having to do with local places and attractions. Last month Google announced that it would stop publishing these guides as print editions.

That didn't sit well with Arthur Frommer, the founder of the Frommer's Travel Guide brand. Rather than see the print editions of the books he founded going extinct, the 83-year-old Frommer has now purchased the travel guide brand back from Google. Frommer says that the company will continue to publish its travel guides in e-book and print formats in addition to operating a travel site at

Google has officially confirmed that it has returned the Frommer's brand to its founder and is "licensing certain travel content to him." There is no word on exactly how much money the purchase cost Frommer. Google is said to have paid $22 million when it purchased Frommer's from publishing house John Wiley & Sons last year.

There have been over 300 books published in the Frommer's travel series since the brand was founded in 1957. While many people see print media as old-fashioned and for technology fans at least printed books are falling out of grace, it's nice to see the printed option will remain for those who prefer something they can carry in their hands that doesn't rely on battery power during their travels.

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