Artec T14A USB TV Tuner: For HDTV on the Go

Benjamin Nied - Jul 20, 2006

If you love your HDTV, but hate not having the ability to utilize it everytime your on the go (or simply on your laptop), then Artec’s T14A USB TV Tuner might be just what you need. While it requires you to have a normal analog TV Tuner card already installed, this little device llows you to pull HDTV streams right over the air and retails for $89 at the lowest, which is still one helluva lot cheaper than buying an HDTV, an HDTV-ready set top box, and any of the hundred accessories or addons that you may or may not decide to need.

The device itself is suited for Windows XP Media Center Edition, and comes with drivers supporting that OS. There are probably ways to get the device working on other operating systems like Linux or OS X, but right now Windows is the only officially-supported operating system. Still, it stands to be much easier on one’s wallet to simply buy a $300 LCD monitor and a Media Center computer than it does to spend a fortune on an HDTV and assorted equipment. If you’re looking at HDTV as a future purchase, you might want to check this puppy out first.

Artec Product Page [via Gizmodo]

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