Art Lebedev remote - It may have over a hundred buttons, but there's still nothing good on

Not all that long ago was a time where you had a very limited number of channels that you could watch. I grew up in the country without satellite TV, so I had a grand total of seven channels to choose from. Nowadays it's not at all uncommon to have hundreds of channels to choose from. Unfortunately, there's the issue of flipping through all of those channels. Don't worry, now there's the perfect remote for flipping through hundreds of channels.

I thought this thing was a joke when I saw it. Who in their right mind would ever want a remote with a hundred buttons on it? All I ever hear from people is that their remote has too many buttons, not too little. Wouldn't it just be quicker to type in the channel number, rather than trying to pick out the appropriate button?

Thankfully, this is only a concept. I think it's safe to say that this should never actually make it to the production line. You'd have to be crazy to buy one.

Art Lebedev comes up with zany remote control concept [via coolestgadgets]