Art Lebedev Optimus Tactus keyboard concept

Art Lebedev, known mostly for their oft delayed OLED keyboard, has another keyboard concept, and this one is even more genius, and might even be cheaper to produce. Sure, the OLED keys on their Optimus keyboard are cool, but imagine a keyboard you could hang on the wall because its displaying art when not in use.

The possibilities are endless with a keyboard that is also a giant Wacom tablet and a second display. I mean just look at the picture where I am pretty sure they are showing the ability to hand draw art on your computer with this keyboard.

I would absolutely love to have an iPod Touch-like interface for my desktop computer, this keyboard would be awesome. The best part, it would take less time to develop (multi-touch LCDs and the programming for them already exist) and it might even be cheaper since they wouldn't be trying to make 104+ individual screens, just one large one.

Optimus Tactus Keyboard Base On a Touch Display [via ubergizmo]