ARRRR! You Ready To Settle Pirates Vs. Ninjas Debate?

Apparently there are some guys over at Blazing Lizard ready to settle the aforementioned dispute as well. So what would you reckon a good method of settling such an epic battle would be? Maybe a sword fight, a one to one comparison of riches?

Blazing Lizard says nay, the only real way this can be settled is by a game (or several) of dodgeball. Sadly they haven't done the legwork to compile a massive game of dodgeball of everyone who thinks they are a pirate or a ninja versus each other, instead they have done the next best thing and made the game.

The game is to be released in the first quarter of '08. The real catch is that they haven't decided which system the downloadable content will be available for. With it being a game of dodgeball, I don't really see how they could put it on any other system than the Wii, I mean that would be the best way to show the true strength and power of your opponents, just my thoughts though.

Age old Pirates vs. Ninjas question to be settled with dodgeball [via Joystiq]