Arrival and Uber team to create an electric vehicle for the ride-hailing industry

Arrival is a company that many may be unfamiliar with working to create electric vehicles using what it calls game-changing technologies. Arrival has announced that it has teamed with Uber to build an electric vehicle called the Arrival Car. The EV is designed to be an affordable and purpose-built electric vehicle specifically made for ride-hailing and developed in partnership with Uber drivers.

Arrival says drivers for Uber will be invited to join the design process to ensure the finished vehicle meets their specific needs. Arrival and Uber are also currently exploring strategic relationships in markets such as the UK and the EU. The Arrival Car is expected to enter production in Q3 2023.

The electric vehicle is designed to directly address the need to move ride-hailing and car-sharing services away from combustion-powered vehicles and to electric vehicles. The goal is to reduce emissions and improve air quality in cities and fits in with Uber's commitment to be fully electric in London by 2025 and by 2030 in North America and Europe.

Typical vehicles used in the ride-hailing industry drive 45,000 to 50,000 kilometers per year, while the average personally owned vehicle drives 12,000 kilometers per year. The Arrival Car is being designed to prioritize driver comfort, safety, and convenience while delivering a premium passenger experience.

Arrival uses a production process based on microfactories enabling decentralized production in cities around the world, allowing vehicles to be produced close to areas where they are in demand. The company says these factories will use local workers and pay local taxes. Currently, little is known about the Arrival Car, such as size, driving range, or charge time.