Armchair aviators get ultimate sim kit

Microsoft among others have offered flight simulators for the PC for years, but it doesn't come anywhere close to the real thing. If you're serious about a genuine flight experience without breaking into a cockpit mid-flight, you could always drop a couple of thousand dollars on the JetMax-737 Flight Sim Console Kit.

The Flight Sim Kit consists of a dedicated console built into a desk, designed to accommodate a single seat. It has all the controls that you would find in the cockpit of a Boeing 737, including a very intimidating throttle. After you buy the Kit you'll need to hook up your own display along with flight sim software, and then you'll be ready to take to the virtual skies.

As for the price, you can expect to pay CAD $3495.95 (~$3,553) for the basic kit, although the range extends all the way up to CAD $6995.95 (~$7,110). It's a pretty sizeable installation too, so you'll need plenty of room to accommodate it all. Check out the video of an impressive demo of the Kit, which includes several wraparound monitors designed to give the full immersive experience.

[via RedFerret]