ARM Holdings announces CEO succession plan

ARM Holdings has announced that its current CEO, Warren East, has decided that he will retire effective July 1, 2013. East served as CEO of ARM holdings for the past 12 years and has been with the company for 19 years overall. As the current CEO prepares to step down, ARM Holdings has announced its CEO succession plan.

ARM says that the current president of the company, Simon Segars, will become CEO of the company after East retires. East stepped into the CEO spot in October 2001 and helped the company to become one of the biggest and most successful designers of semiconductor IP in the world. Segars has been with ARM since 1991 and currently sits on the board of the company, which he joined in January 2005.

Segars has held several executive positions within the company since he came aboard including Executive Vice President of Engineering where he worked on early ARM processors. He has also been Executive Vice President of worldwide sales and Executive Vice President of Business Development. Segars has held executive positions within the company in both the US and the UK.

ARM Holdings' board says that it is delighted to have someone of Segars' experience in caliber to assume the role of CEO. The board chose Segars after an extensive review of candidates from around the world.

[via ARM]