ARM details stellar Q1 2012

More financial news! This time it's ARM, the UK company who designs and licenses the plethora of chips that make their way into smartphones and tablets (among other things) the world over. ARM announced that it has seen strong growth in revenue yet again, up 13% on the same quarter last year. The jump is mainly attributed to the number of licenses used for chips, as well as the sheer number of chips being used in devices.

Revenue increased to $209.4m from $185.5m, and profit before tax is also up 22%, with ARM taking in £61.9m (~$99.9m), up from £50.7m ($~81.8m) in 2011. Naturally, ARM is attributing the revenue increase to a grown in ARM technology adoption, as well as a large number of ARM licenses being handed out.

ARM say that 22 processor licenses have been assigned across various markets, as well as 10 licenses for the low-power Cortex-M. The Cortex-M0+ will also be finding its way into Internet of Things devices, although ARM didn't say how many licenses for that chip have been issued. Chip numbers for cellphones and tablets have remained steady at 1.1 billion, although chip shipments for other consumer devices increase to 800 million, up 15% compared to last year.

Finally, ARM expects similar growth in Q2 of this year, with revenue increasing by a further 13%, and licensing seeing a sharp increase to 27%.