ARM Cortex-M4 processor launches

Processors from ARM end up in all sorts of products from smartphones to automobiles and a myriad of other devices. The company seems to have a processor for just about every need. The latest processor from ARM is the Cortex-M4 that has been unveiled for digital signal control markets.

The processor promises high-efficiency signal processing with low-power use, low cost, and ease of use. The processor is aimed at applications for motor control, automotive, power management, embedded audio, and industrial automation. The M4 is a single-cycle multiple-accumulate unit (MAC) with optimized single instruction multiple data (SIMD) instructions.

The M4 has a target frequency of 150Mhz. The processor is built on 65nm process technology by Global Foundries. The processor consumes 40µW/MHz of power and has 65K gates with the optional floating-point unit adding an additional 25K gates.