Argosy Raven H10 - Audio Studio Workstation In A Box

Sadly, after reading the description, I don't believe you get all the gear that is set up on this thing, but you get the odd shaped desk, the monitor stand, the chair, and probably the two audio component boxes, but that seems to be about it. Now, if you work in the audio industry this is great news to you I am sure as I've seen some pictures of some audio studios and not only are they quite unattractive, but they also don't generally look too terribly comfortable.

It looks like the bases for the audio component cases can fit any standard sized DJ case, so if you already have all your gear wired up in another case you probably won't have to transfer it all over. There is an optional retractable monitor stand that costs extra but I am pretty sure the one pictured comes with the desk.

That super customizable, super comfy looking chair also comes with the set. The monitors, keyboard(s) and actual equipment are all up to you though. The desk costs $995, which is what led me to believe that none of the components are included as some of them look like they cost more than the desk on their own.

[via BornRich]