Are you ready for Superbowl XLII ?

Daniel Lim - Feb 3, 2008, 2:51pm CST

A buddy of mine had a plan long before the Big-D got kicked out of the play-off, getting the HT room ready for Superbowl XLII, Cowboy VS Patriot. But the dream shattered when Miss Simpson started dragging our charming QB1 into La-La-Land, ruined his focus on the oval-shaped subject that matters the most (Of course, we are still in denial it was something else that took away our dream). Nevertheless, the Home-Theater is here to stay and the Superbowl is ready to kick off in just a few hours. So tell us… are you ready and what’re your Superbowl set-up and party plans?

I’ll be at my buddy’s light-controlled HT room, powered by a 103-inch Silvestar 6.0 gain screen with Panasonic AE2000u 1080p projector. We spent the last couple of months nit-picking the best audio/video components for his 16-foot spare room while trying to keep the budget under $10k. Part of the credit has to go to my low-balling skills and connections with (ahem!) crooked dealers. He ended up getting a full 7.1 channel system with Epic 80-500 from Axiom Audio and the latest THX ultra 2 Integra DTR 8.8 receiver. We also bridged the Canare LS11 Quad Star speaker cables to an effective all-round 11 gauge 7.1 channel with Nakamichi Gold’s speaker connectors. The result is a spectacular HT experience without the typical dealer cost and a few Benjamins left for HD sources like the Oppo 918HD, Dish HD package and Toshiba HD-A35.

The girls, along with Inés Gómez’s dream to marry Brady, will most likely end up in the backyard, getting our favorite BBQ ribs ready for prime time. As for the kids, they are prohibited from the opening scene due to the last you-know-what-pops-out incident and they’ve made a promise to close their eyes during the Go-Daddy commercial break. I mean, it’s the full-of-surprises Superbowl! You never know what’s going to happen next in a national-level broadcast.

Don’t be shy, feel free to join if you have anything to share or say about Superbowl XLII: your prediction? your pick? Mine is Pat 27, Giant 20.

updated [Set-up images]

Inés Gómez’s proposes to Brady

UNCENSORED GoDaddy SuperBowl TV Commercial

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