Are we excessively worried about privacy? Share your thoughts

Not too long ago we wrote a bit about how Windows 10 is claimed to phone home and give your private data to Microsoft even if you set all the share data options to off. These claims go so far as to say that Windows 10 has a keylogger that captures your passwords and even images from your camera. As you can imagine people were angry, the comments weren't flattering.

While people are incised by the fact that their data is being shared, I sit there wondering if I am the only person who just doesn't care if some of my data is stored on a sever somewhere in Redmond. Maybe it's because I am a rather open book. Ask me a question, and I'll probably answer it. At the same time I will ask you anything that comes to mind. You can answer it or not, I mostly don't care.

Maybe the reason I am not concerned about privacy that much is because I have been sharing what I think about anything and everything from cars to tech for over a decade. I don't get caught up in being concerned that people know where I am or what I am doing.

I have nothing to hide, I'm not cheating on my wife, and I'm not storing explicit pics on my PC, all you would find are massive amounts of car stuff and me trolling people on Facebook. Is it just that people so concerned with privacy have something to hide? Is it that my lack of concern for my own privacy is a sign of some sort of underlying mental issue? I really don't know. What I do know is that I am just not too worried if these data were used for re-marketing or helping to improve my tech experience.

About the most secret thing I have that could potentially cause issue for me personally is the login for this website. Other than someone finding that and posting content to SlashGear in my name, nothing could really bother me. I have embarrassed myself enough over the years in print that I'm not sure even an embarrassing story posted in my name would really bother me. I did after all once title a story about the Large Hadron Collider, the Large Hardon Collider all on my own. The comments on that story were epic.

I could be anomaly in my opinions on privacy or people like me just don't talk about the fact that we really don't care what you know about us or store on some far away server. Is it that those who are overly concerned about privacy are the ones with misunderstanding on how these data were going to be used? or Is it that the privacy advocates are so vehement in their options that we feel like we should be concerned as well? Perhaps people like me are embarrassed that we really don't care about privacy, but I do see the concern in malicious apps that steal data for nefarious means, such as identity theft, causing concern, but aside from that the worry seems misplaced to me. Dear readers, what makes you worry about privacy issues – please share your thoughts?

Photo Credit: ShutterStock