Archos e-comp@gnon WiFi Communicator – someone got Champagne and Companion mixed up

James Allan Brady - Mar 27, 2008, 12:58pm CDT

The press release is in French, so I suppose I could give them a break on the spelling. The deal is they are trying to create a companion to a regular cell phone. It would offer up a lot of the web capabilities of a normal cell phone, but on a larger screen, over WiFi, and with a full keyboard.

Archos already has several PMPs that already meet this specifications and also include a fair amount of storage space for media files, so what the change would be is currently unknown. Although I suppose it could potentially connect to your cell phone allowing you to sync contact lists and things of that nature so you can send emails, messages, etc. to the people in your phone’s phonebook.

Its not going to be a single device though, it’s a description of the basic features of a set of devices that would likely have a range as far as Archos’ current PMP line. Another new feature of these devices that was mentioned was ad-hoc mesh networking allowing location related data to be shared, and other types of real time data as well as maybe sharing network connections. There is a financial review/product presentation on April 22nd where it is expected this device will make an appearance and then the initial trial of the devices will happen in Paris, France.

[via PhoneMag]

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