Archer reveals its demonstrator eVTOL aircraft

Archer is one of the several companies working on electronic vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. On June 10, the company debuted its first demonstrator aircraft via a global lifestream. The demonstrator is capable of traveling 60 miles at a speed of 150 mph. The event was exciting and leveraged movie-making technology to create a livestream that took participants on a simulated commercial flight.The event demonstrated how Archer plans to shape the next era of travel and transform how people approach everyday life, work, and adventure. The aircraft is called Maker, and the company says the unveiling has been years in the making. Revealing aircraft marks a pivotal juncture for the eVTOL industry and the future of transportation.

The goal for Archer as a company is to continue reaching new milestones and to introduce the largest cities in the country to the next generation of safe and sustainable flight. Archer Chief Creative Officer Kenny Taht was at the helm of the unique virtual event and leveraged his three decades of experiential design and television production experience to pull the event off.

Taht says the team at Archer put a great emphasis on creating a groundbreaking, highly engaging moment for Maker's unveil. He also notes that to continue to progress, continuous education is needed. With the experience the company created, Archer has helped introduce travelers to the new reality of eVTOL aircraft.

The reveal of the aircraft sets the stage for the next phase of engineering and flight testing. Currently, Archer has backing from United Airlines, who made a commercial order and recently announced a merger with Atlas Crest Investment Corporation. Archer is currently valued at $3.8 billion and says it's in an excellent position to continue developing its aircraft and is marching towards a commercial launch in 2024. The recorded livestream of the event can be seen above.