Archelis wearable chair lets you take a load off without sitting

The archelis might look like an exoskeleton that will give you additional strength or endurance, but it's only purpose is to allow you to sit or at least relax your muscles without having to actually sit down. The designers of the archelis device calls it a wearable chair.

While wearing the device the angle of the knee and ankle can be fixed to allow you to be in a standing position with knees slightly bent without exerting any energy from your legs and without putting pressure on your joints. The pressure is distributed over the shin and thigh reducing muscle fatigue.

The wearer can lock the archelis device into a different position for each leg to allow the user to stand how they want for comfort. The designers think that the system would be ideal for doctors who stand for hours at a time in an operating room.

Archelis requires no batteries or power to operate. It is made of carbon parts and what appear to be hook and loop closures. The carbon parts are flexible and promises to be comfortable to wear for long durations. Archelis is in development right now and isn't available to purchase with no word on when it might be available to purchase.

SOURCE: archelis