Arcade1Up's next two arcade machines are made for young kids

Arcade1Up has introduced two new arcade cabinets, both under its 'Jr' line of products for kids. The newly revealed Pac-Man and Paw Patrol arcade cabinets are shorter than their traditional counterparts, making it easy for kids to play. Beyond that, the cabinets feature fun designs and bright colors that would pair well with a child's playroom.

The new arcade cabinets are a 3/4 scale version of the retro cabinets you'd have found in old school arcades. The models were launched under the Arcade1Up Jr. line of machines, which are targeted at players ages 4 to 8 years. The Pac-Man machine will launch first in October followed by the Paw Patrol cabinet in November.

Each of the machines comes with multiple games. The Pac-Man arcade cabinet for kids features Dig Dug and Galaga, as well, while the Paw Patrol cabinet features the following three games: PAW Patrol Chase is in a Race, PAW Patrol Off Duty, and PAW Patrol Pups on the Go.

The games feature different challenge levels so that kids can play games that match their current skill set. Both units measure 3ft tall, have an 8-inch screen, and have large buttons. As well, both arcade cabinets are shipped pre-assembled so that parents can simply plug them in.

Arcade1Up is offering its new Pac-Man and Paw Patrol arcade cabinets through multiple retailers, including HSN, QVC, Walmart, GameStop, Kohl's, Best Buy, and Amazon. Both units have a starting price of $279.99 USD. The Arcade1Up Jr Pac-Man arcade machine will arrive on October 15, while the Paw Patrol machine will arrive on November 15.