Arcade Donkey Kong, Sky Skipper games coming to Nintendo Switch

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 14, 2018, 6:15 pm CDT
Arcade Donkey Kong, Sky Skipper games coming to Nintendo Switch

A pair of classic games are heading to the Nintendo Switch: Sky Skipper and the original Donkey Kong. These two arcade games have never before been released (officially, at least) for home consoles, making the addition a rare treat for classic game aficionados. Nintendo announced the launch plans earlier today during an E3 event.

The original Donkey Kong arcade game is more than 30 years old, having existed in limbo due to a copyright dispute that prevented a relaunch. Nintendo didn’t comment on that issue during its E3 announcement, but one would be safe in assuming it has handled the issue: Donkey Kong is available now for Nintendo Switch.

According to Kotaku, three different versions of the arcade game have been released: the US version released in 1981, the International version, which is mostly the same as the original, and the original, which is apparently pretty buggy.

Starting next month, Switch owners will also be able to download Sky Skipper, an arcade game also released in 1981. This game wasn’t very popular and isn’t very well known, making the release extra-special. Apparently only 10 arcade cabinets featuring this game were released, one of which made its way to Nintendo of America.

It was from that cabinet that the Sky Skipper ROM was acquired, the end result being an upcoming download for Nintendo Switch owners. And exact release date hasn’t been revealed; you’ll be able to get it from the Arcade Archives once it arrives.

SOURCE: Kotaku

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