AR game Ingress comes to small screen via Android Wear

Ingress players — they're a dedicated bunch. It takes heart to traipse around town and hack imaginary portals only you can see, conversing with people that (probably) aren't there, and being part of a collective full of folks you'll probably never lay eyes on. Still, the augmented reality game gone physical is something special, and it just got a lot cooler. Now, you can hack portals without ever touching your phone, as Ingress makes its way to Android Wear, courtesy of Google's Niantic Labs.

Whether you're enlightened or resistance, Ingress will work on your Android Wear device. By tapping into the GPS signal on your phone, your Android Wear smartwatch will let you know if a portal is nearby, who is in control of it, and even if it's under attack.

Like most things Android Wear (and wearable, really), Ingress for Android Wear is meant as a quick-hit notification system. Players will get portal info, but also Google Now-style cards directing them to those portals. From there, users can choose to take it to the bigger screen and help defend or attack, if they like.

Though many doubted Ingress would make an impact on gaming or even augmented reality, it's proven itself time and again. Making its way to Android Wear, Ingress continues to blur the lines between platforms as well as reality. For a game meant to be fairly covert, edging onto the smartwatch is a bright move for Niantic Labs.

The update should be rolling out soon, so be on the lookout.

Via: Engadget