AR-enabled contact lenses tested on rabbits

Researchers are working on a crazy set of contact lenses that will allow the user to get augmented reality information projected right on their eye. Today we need a smartphone to view augmented reality data, but that might not always be the deal. If these contacts come to pass, there could be a whole new world of augmented reality for a myriad of uses.

For now the testing of the contact lenses is being conducted on rabbits. The lenses in testing now have a very low resolution of only one pixel. The researchers think that the resolution will improve over time and that someday we could all be using these lenses for navigation, reading news, email, and maybe watching video.

A team of American and Finnish researchers at the University of Washington are developing the lenses. A radiofrequency transmitter powers the prototype lenses. An antenna printed on the lens is about 5mm long. The potential for military applications is also interesting giving soldiers something like Terminator vision to detect friend or foe on the battlefield.

[via TheNextWeb]