Aquaduct Tricycle is water filtration system

It's not often that you see a tricycle for adults, but here one is. This isn't for those with balance issues, however. The Aquaduct is a tricycle that actually filters dirty water into drinkable water while you're pedaling.


While you're traveling around town, the action of your pedaling powers the filtration system. So, all you have to do is fill up the back end of the tricycle with dirty water. Then, once the water is filtered it drips into the jug on the front.

Supposedly, this water is then completely clean and ready for drinking. Pretty cool way to combine two functions, if you ask me. This is just a concept right now and was introduced at the IDEO and actually won Google's 2008 Innovate or Die competition. Watch the tricycle in action below:

[via CrunchGear]