Aquabotix HydroView is like AR Drone for deep-sea diving

If you're one of those people for whom your iPad is merely an amalgamation of things that you can show to your friends and go "hey, check this out!" then this is the perfect gadget for you. It's the HydroView fom Aquabotix, and it allows you to submerge a vessel underwater, then beam live video from said vessel to your Apple tablet. If you said "oh, it's one of those things," then you're exactly right.

It's just like how Parrot made the AR Drone such a captivating success, because it allowed users to get a real-time perspective that they simply cannot get on their own. The idea of flying something around and getting to see what it looks from the perspective of the object floating in mid-air is just too cool to resist. Aquabotix hopes people will feel the same way about underwater excursions.

So how good is it at recording video underwater? The contraption has LED light to expose even the darkest spots, and it has a camera that has the capability of capturing 1080p high-definition video. So whether you want it to help find stuff you lose in the pool or you're just curious to see what it looks like from several feet below sea level, this is the iPad gadget for you.

[via PC World]