Apps popular among smart TV owners, unknown by everyone else

Among people who own an Internet-connected TV, the overwhelmingly favorite apps are ones like Netflix and YouTube. But surprisingly, Facebook is also near the top of the list. 35% of those with a smart TV say that the social networking platform is a "must-have" app for the device. Internet radio Pandora is also popular, with 28% of owners calling that a must-have TV app.

The poll, conducted by Harris Interactive, did not require users to limit their responses to just one app. It simply asked what they considered to be must-have titles. With that in mind, here's the complete top-five breakdown: 47% Netflix, 44% YouTube, 35% Facebook, 34% Amazon Instant Video, and 28% Pandora. However, there is another part of this story, which is awareness of smart TV in general.

Of the people surveyed who did not own an Internet-connected TV, 33% said they were "not at all familiar" with smart TVs, and 39% said they were "not that familiar." That's nearly three-quarters of the segment who don't even fully understand the power of Internet-enabled TVs. "This could be a major barrier to future purchase consideration, as only 7% of those who are not familiar with Smart TV are likely to purchase a Smart TV within the next 12 months," Harris said in a statement.