Apple's Schiller was right about Google Glass all along

Unless you have Google Glass, chances are you're not interested in them. After slowly winding down the Explorer program, Glass' future is a bit uncertain. Google isn't killing the project off, but they are sidelining the wearable while they refocus their efforts. Most weren't interested in dropping $1,500 to look goofy and crane their eye upward, leaving Google Glass to a nerdy, niche market. If Google Glass left you thinking "nobody normal would wear those things", you're not alone. At least one Apple exec felt the same way.

In a rather innocent exchange with a tech blogger Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller said what many of us were thinking. In a response to an email about a humorous blog post about Google founder Sergey Brin starring in a re-make of The Jerk, Schiller said what most thought:

I can't believe they think anyone (normal) will ever wear these things.

Truth hurts, right? Schiller also said Glass' marketing reminded him of the push to market video goggles years back, which seems an apt comparison in hindsight.

His email (you can see the exchange below) was in 2012, right around the time Glass was first announced. This was well before users started getting their hands on Glass, and well before Google opened up sales to the general population. Schiller has some pretty solid foresight.

Source: Business Insider