Apple's Most Environmentally Friendly Notebook Still Not Good Enough

Part of the MacBook Air announcement was regarding just how environmentally friendly it is. They've lost the arsenic in the glass, and there is no mercury in the display either.

They also opted to ditch the PVC, reduce the amount of packaging, and even make it an all aluminum case which is so easy to recycle. They also got rid of the BFR or Bromide flame retardants, but, as usual, that's still not good enough for Greenpeace.

A representative said that they are continually going after Apple because they are the biggest innovators in the industry, even though they may not be the biggest PC manufacturers in the industry. Personally, I think the whole lot of tree-hugging hippies are dumb for continually going after the one company that is actually making an effort, how about you try going after just one other company in the public eye, anyone, you choose, just give Apple a break when they do something this great for the environment.

Greenpeace responds to MacBook Air [via arstechnica]