Apple's latest commercial shows off the MacBook in anime

Apple has published a new commercial in Japan that shows its MacBook in various animes scene — the AirPods also make an appearance every now and again, though without a logo, of course. The company also included scenes with MacBook-esque laptops that include other generic logos like hearts, pears, and twice-bitten apples. The video highlights how common and easily recognizable the MacBook has become.

In addition to the MacBook — and generic 'MacBook' laptops — featured in the video, fans with a careful eye will notice the wired EarPods in one scene and the AirPods in another (in the image above). The scenes show the MacBook being used for a variety of things ranging from content creation to education, music, entertainment, and work.

Apple uploads many of its commercials to its various YouTube channels, the biggest one being its YouTube USA account with more than 10 million follows. The company has a wide variety of advertisements, including ones with a narrative to others featuring the iPhone's camera capabilities, the iPad's laptop-like functionality, and even various stars like Lady Gaga.

The MacBook — and ones like it featuring generic pear and circle logos slapped over the original Apple logo — has also appeared in a number of live-action television shows and movies. Consumers have been seeing Apple's laptops in popular media for many years, not to mention its vast popularity with content creators, entertainers, and celebrities.

The commercial comes around the same time as filmmaker Rian Johnson (The Last Jedi, Knives Out) revealed a piece of information about Apple's product placement rules: it doesn't allow its iPhone to be visibly used by villains on screen. It's unclear whether it has similar rules for its laptops and tablets.