Apple's iPad to Grow a Kickstand?

A new patent from Apple has been revealed today by the US Patent & Trademark Office, suggesting that the future iPad may be sprouting a kickstand. The document included several images detailing the built-in stand showing a pivoting feature that will allow the iPad to be perched up both in landscape and portrait orientations.

The drawings indicate that the new design will allow the iPad to be angled at various degrees suitable for viewing movies as well as for using its virtual keyboard. Certain tactile features will make it easy for the user to make these adjustments.

The material for the stand will likely be made of metal such as stainless steel although suitably durable plastic may be another option. The kickstand will also pivot back into place to form a flush surface with the body of the iPad.

With the iPad 2 already rumored to be making the rounds, it is unlikely the kickstand made it in this reincarnation. But don't be surprised if we do see it coming up next time around.

[Via Patently Apple]