AppleCare+ now offers better protection, lower deductibles

We live in uncertain times but the one thing that seems to be certain is the increasing prices of consumer electronics. At a time when we've become even more reliant on these products, the last thing we need is to worry about the consequences when, not if, accidents happen. Apple has always offered its customers to pay for some peace of mind but now it is throwing device owners a bigger bone with changes and improvements to its AppleCare+ protection plan policies.

Right off the bat, Apple is increasing the number of accidental damages that the plan covers, doubling the two every 24 months to two ever 12 months. Since a regular subscription covers two years, that basically means four guaranteed fixes, at least those that fall under the AppleCare+ policy. This change applies not just to the newest Apple Watch Series 6 and the upcoming iPhone 12 but all new and recent devices.

Accidents are inevitable but sometimes the worst also happens. An iPhone could be broken beyond repair, lost, or, in the worst-case scenario, stolen. AppleCare+ does offer subscribers a way to get a new iPhone but it requires an additional charge whose sum depends on which model is being replaced. To take away the guesswork, AppleCare+ will now require a flat $149 deductible for all iPhone replacements due to loss or theft, no matter which kind it was.

That's well and good if you've already purchased an AppleCare+ subscription or are still about to buy a new Apple device. Previously, you could only buy a subscription within 60 days of purchasing a new device but Apple is now expanding that window to a full year, depending on some devices or circumstances, in the US and Canada only.

These are small but significant changes that can ease the burden off consumers' backs, especially during these times. Of course, it also helps immensely considering how Apple is also constantly raising its prices, making each Apple product purchase an expensive investment that needs matching protection coverage.